Mystery House

Mystery House is a multi-utility coin that will keep on giving! Our first utility will be a SAFU Launchpad that will be going online in August 2021. Using our proprietary technology, the launchpad will offer advantages to token holders by allowing them early access to new coin launches. You will need to HOLD mystery house tokens to participate in any coins or tokens that are released through our launchpad.

For more information check out our Social media links in the header of this website. If you have any further questions please come to our telegram and have a chat with the community or our development team. We'd love to see you there!

  • Transaction tax
  • 7% Development Fund
  • 3% House maintenance fund

Contract Address: 0x71FB8EE0A7dd60379145bcb22BBC4064D9585c05


As the project expands, we will develop a coin interchange that will allow you change your mystery coins for a low tax fee.We also plan to launch a merchandise shop selling thinks like t-shirts, keychains and caps, a tracking and charting tools website and casino arcade! Please take a look at our road map for the current time line of events.